There are a lot of online websites that have teachers, but do you really know who your are getting?  Some teachers pumped up their qualifications to impress you to hire them.  At SDPA you can read what each teachers qualifications are.  You can see how long they have been teaching.  Our teachers all have music degrees and have performed professionally on the stage.  They were handpicked because of their education, background and performance experience.  Each teacher is personable, accommodating and patient.  Also, our friendly staff know our teachers and their styles so we can match you up with the best fit.  Get to know our teachers by reading about them below:

Piano Teacher

Tiffany has been playing the piano for over 28 years.  She has a love and appreciation for music and particularly the piano after her mother brought her a keyboard to the hospital after she was in a traffic accident as a child.  After a year, Tiffany made a full recover and went on to get her degree from Utah State University, received a certificate in music theory and harmony from the Berklee College of Music and studied abroad at Cambridge University.  She has been teaching since 2004 and also is a church organist and church music coordinator.  “I want to help others gain an appreciation for music and piano by opening the door to the fundamentals of music and piano,” said Tiffany.  Tiffany teaches on Thursdays.





Piano Teacher and
Vocal Audition Coaching

Joan has a bachelor’s of arts music degree from the University of Arizona and specializes in technique and dynamics, and teaching the youngest beginning students.  Joan also has been a church pianist and choir director for almost 30 years and worked at a charter school in Lakeside as a choir teacher and Music History class teacher.  Joan has taught lessons for over 20 years and has been with us for five.  Joan receives compliments from parents and adult students alike for her teaching skills.  Joan also helps students audition for performance schools and has a 100% success record.  She started teaching piano about 10 years ago and fell in love with it! Joan is currently full except for one time slot left on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m.

Piano Teacher

Joe has been a professional musician since the late 60’s and has taught piano for 35 years, and has been with us for two years. Joe guides students on every aspect of the piano including the technical side and will helps students with their hand positions, finger weight when touching the keys and counting and timing.  Joe is also a piano entertainer and was the regular piano entertainment at Kelly’s until they closed.  He is now appearing at the Red Fox Inn.  Joe teaches Monday, all day and Saturday mornings till 2 p.m.




Drum Teacher
Guitar Teacher
Bass Teacher
Rock Performance Singing Teacher

Brian is originally from the east coast where he started playing drums at the age of 6 and learned how to sing from his mother who was an opera singer and teacher.  Brian later played drums for the military which led him to sunny California.   Brian teaches multiple instruments and vocal with emphasis on rock style music.  He also does performance vocal coaching for those with upcoming auditions and school performances.  He has taught for 6 years and has been with us for two.  He is now performing and recording with his band “Kinetic Circus” and his new Led Zeppelin tribute band, “In The Led.”  Brian teaches, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Acting Coach
Audition Coach
Piano Teacher
Guitar Teacher

Dawson has played piano for over ten years and has been a professional actor since he was 6-years-old.  He has been cast in many films and commercials, and has met and worked with some of the biggest casting agents and directors in the business, and is now ready to pass on what he has learned to budding child actors.  Dawson was under the tutelage of Elain Lively, well-known Hollywood child manager and mother of Blake Lively, and received acting lessons from Ernie Lively (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Dukes of Hazzard, Mr. Good Wrench) as a child.  Dawson has the ability to express to children how a scene should be played and prepares inexperienced child actors for their first meetings with talent agents, talent managers, producers and casting directors and theater and commercial auditions.  Dawson also has an improv/acting class to bring out quick thinking for budding actors or kids just wanting to have fun.  Dawson also does private performance coaching for auditions and school performances.  Please click here to read more.  Dawson also teaches piano and his piano studies were under the tutelage of Mrs. Dean and is continuing his piano studies in college.  Dawson also represent the studio at events as the MC and judges for local talent and beauty pageants and is available to judge your event.  Dawson has been with us for a year, and teaches on Wednesday’s.