Performance Lessons:


Not only do we provide music lessons we also provide lessons on how to perform and opportunities for students to perform in front of live audiences.  We have many students that go on to win talent shows, that are cast in theater and film productions, and/or accepted at performance schools because of our talented teachers.  We also receive phone calls from movie and TV casting agents looking for fresh new faces to cast in their productions.

PLUS, each student has the option to perform on stage at local events throughout the year as part of our curriculum.  Parents, family and friends love to be in the audience watching their child on stage singing or playing an instrument to thousands of people in the East County community.

Cost:  Tuition is free and is provided along with your lessons.


Performance Coaching:


Performance coaching is for students who have an upcoming audition for a performance school or are auditioning for theater or film roles.  The coaching sessions are different than lessons as they are as little as one session up to three sessions spread out over one day to several days in a row.

Our Acting Audition Coach is there to help you with your upcoming audition. This is an intense workout.  At the coaching session you should bring your sides and the coach will help you memorize them.  We suggest you do not memorize them before hand. Most acting auditions should be two sessions, although with experienced actors one session can be enough.

Our Vocal Audition Coach is there to help you get the most from your voice and to help you present the song with your movements.  Also an intense workout.  At the vocal coaching session you should already have your song picked out and bring a CD or iPad or iPhone audio recording of the song that you will be singing to.  If you need help with picking a song, please call the vocal instructor ahead of time.  Our teachers are also can accompany you on the piano, if you are doing a theatrical audition.

Tuition for coaching is paid online through our portal.  Just call the studio for assistance.

Rates: For SDPA Students
60 minute lesson – $50

Rates:  For NON SDPA Students
60 minutes lessons – $65

If you have an upcoming audition, please make an appointment as soon as possible to ensure we will have time to accommodate you by calling (619) 786-SDPA.

Our experienced and professionally training coaches will teach you the technical aspects of your voice and your acting including how to use your vocal range effectively, developing versatility and power in your voice, saying your lines and moving so that you can give the best audition you have ever given.

Whether you want coaching to prepare you for a theatrical audition, acting audition or audition for a performance school, we have experience with all three, and have helped hundreds of kids land roles, including Disney, and get accepted into the performance school of their choice and land theatrical roles at their school or jr. theater.

How An Audition Coach Helps

You will learn how to achieve your goal of giving the best audition performance of your life with industry tips and the skills you need to make the most of your singing audition.

Typical Audition Tips Include:

  • Making an impression
  • What to bring to your audition
  • Overview and tips for your Photos & Resumes
  • How to sing with passion
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Your attire/wardrobe selection
  • Song choice (if you’re not singing your own material)
  • How to cold read
  • How to enter an audition
  • What casting directors are looking for
  • Head shot and resume tips
  • Wardrobe selection
  • Connecting with the casting director
  • What NOT to do at the audition